Orion Stretch Wrapping Machine


Orion manufactures a wide range of durable, rugged and highly reliable stretch wrapping machines to help you protect your valuable product. Let us help you determine the best machine for your application and budget. Depending on your product and pallet wrapping needs, Orion offers semi and fully automatic models in turntable, rotary tower and orbital configurations.

Orion specializes in manufacturing automatic stretch wrappers and semi-automatic pallet wrapping machines.  With over 30 years of experience, you can count on the stretch film machinery from Orion.  If you’re looking for durable equipment to meet your industry needs, look to Orion. The rugged and effective stretch film machinery is manufactured to help you protect each of your products.  Taking the risk out of shipping, every product you produce will remain secure and safe for customer satisfaction.  When you choose our automated wrapping machine and pallet wrapping machinery, you get durability and reliability with every use.

  1. Portable Automatic Stretch Wrapping Systems

Orion portable automatic models offer you an important advantage over our semi-automatic models: operators can stay busy and productive because the machine will handle the tail attachment and cut/wipe down function automatically. After bringing a load to the machine, operators can begin the wrap cycle with a lanyard or remote control, then go get more loads. No need to get off the lift truck to manually attach the stretch film, wait for the wrapping cycle to finish, then sever the film. With Orion portable automatics, those functions are handled automatically by the machine.

  1. Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapping Systems

Orion Packaging’s comprehensive line of semi-automatic stretch wrappers takes the guesswork out of selecting your semi-automatic stretch wrap machines. These semi-automatic pallet wrappers allow you to see added efficiencies in your stretch wrapping lines.

The semi-automatic stretch wrappers from Orion have been categorized into three different categories. These include the semi-automatic turntable stretch wrappers, semi-automatic rotary tower stretch wrappers & Flex Series conveyorized twin station stretch wrappers.

  1. Orbital Stretch Wrapping Systems

Orion’s Constellation Series of orbital stretch wrapping systems are well-suited for wrapping long products that can’t be wrapped on conventional turntable or rotary tower machines. The Constellation orbital stretch wrapper is available in a wide variety of configurations including ring sizes from 15″ to 90″ inches to accommodate a variety of load sizes.

  1. Rotary Tower Automatic Stretch Wrapping Systems

Fully automatic stretch wrapping systems from Orion all share a heritage of quality and long-term reliability. Orion engineers its automatic systems with high quality components, state of the art electronics and plenty of heavy gauge structural steel for machines that operate at maximum efficiency year in and year out. Whether you need the small footprint of the FA system, or the flexibility of the MA line, Orion has the automatic stretch wrapper that will meet your budget and your requirements.

  1. Turntable Automatic Stretch Wrapping Systems

Orion automatic stretch wrapping systems require no operator. Pallet loads are brought to the machine via conveyor and are automatically stretch wrapped according to pre-programmed parameters. The only operator intervention required is changing of stretch film when the roll is empty.

All Orion automatic systems are built with the highest degree of structural integrity, flexibility, reliability and performance. For more standard load types and a smaller machine footprint, Orion’s FA machine fits the bill perfectly. For more difficult load types, such as fragile or easily toppled loads, Orion’s MA rotary tower automatics are ideal

These fully automatic pallet wrapping systems and the automated wrapping machine are manufactured solely with structural steel (no framed metal or plastic parts) for the longest possible machine life in the harshest possible environments.

In addition, Orion utilizes non-proprietary, locally obtainable components combined with an open mechanical design for maximum up time and easy of maintenance on your automatic stretch wrapping equipment.

  1. Specialty Stretch Wrapping Systems

Over the years, Orion has been asked to apply our state-of-the-art stretch packaging technology to unique (custom) applications in which standard stretch wrapping systems were not sufficient. As a result, Orion has become known in the industry for being willing and able to provide custom stretch wrapping machines for specialty applications. Some of these custom stretch wrapper systems have, in turn, become standard specialty models through customers that have applied them to their unique applications.

Thus, making custom stretch wrap packaging available to industries that, otherwise, would have continued to rely on other unitizing means such as strapping, corrugated, shrink bundling, etc. With well over 100 years of collective experience in our electrical and mechanical engineering departments alone, Orion has the capabilities to design a custom stretch wrap packaging system for most any application.