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Packaging & Shipping Supplies Solutions

Shipping & Packaging Supplies by Global Poly SolutionsDurable Shipping & Packaging Supplies from Global Poly Solutions

At Global Poly Solutions, we know that safe transport of your products is a key element to your success in the competitive marketplace. We offer a full lineup of affordably priced shipping and packaging supplies designed to provide real protection for your items throughout the storage and transportation process. Whatever your company’s packing supply needs, we can provide the most innovative and practical solutions to get your products to market safely.

Poly Bags

We provide polypropylene bags designed to fit almost any product. Our Reclosable bags are especially useful for items that require an air-tight seal to extend their shelf life or to keep small parts secure during transit. Global Poly Solutions can also work with your company to design custom printed poly bags that can help you build name recognition within your industry. Our durable poly bag and resealable bag solutions can provide added protection for your products at a reasonable cost per item.

Stretch and Bubble Wrap For Packaging

For items that need a little extra padding or protection during transportation, Global Poly Solutions offers an extensive array of packaging supplies designed specifically for these purposes, including the following:

  • Bubble wrap, Styrofoam, and foam materials to provide lightweight cushioning for delicate or fragile products
  • Stretch wrap and stretch film products to create a surface layer of protection for products stacked on pallets or shipped in blocks or multi-packs
  • Shrink wrap that conforms to the shape of your products to provide added security for these items en route to their destinations
  • Stretch tape and adhesive tape to put the finishing touches on your item prior to shipment

At Global Poly Solutions, we can provide a comprehensive array of choices to cushion and protect your materials from bumps and impacts on the way to their destinations. From shrink wrap to Styrofoam peanut packing supplies, we have the best and most affordable solutions for your shipping needs.

Paper Packing Products

Paper Packing ProductsKraft paper can be used to wrap items or to shield them from damage inside larger containers while in transit. Global Poly Solutions has kraft paper and corrugated boxes designed specifically for industrial use. Our packing supplies offer solid protection for your items and can stand up to the bumps and jolts common during transport. We will work with you to provide durable, right-sized boxes and paper to streamline your packaging process and ensure the best possible results for your company.

At Global Poly Solutions, we are committed to providing you with the most cost-effective and durable solutions for your company’s packaging needs. Our expert staff can provide you with the guidance necessary to select the right packing and shipping materials for each of your products. Contact us today to discover the best customer service and the most innovative packaging and shipping solutions in the modern marketplace.