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Boxes - Packaging & Shipping Supplies

Corrugated Boxes from Global Poly Solutions Offer Superior Protection for Your Products

Boxes - Packaging & Shipping SuppliesSturdy and versatile, boxes are one of the most popular packaging supplies and provide superior protection for their contents. At Global Poly Solutions, we provide corrugated boxes and other innovative paper products designed to stand up to the impacts and stresses commonly experienced during the storage and transportation process. Our manufacturing team can work with you to create boxes specifically designed to suit your shipping and packaging needs, including the following products:

  • Heavy-duty corrugated boxes to hold larger or heavier items more securely
  • Packing boxes ideal for long-term storage or transporting items and products from one location to another in safety
  • Single-wall, double-wall, and triple-wall boxes designed to ensure maximum protection for your products
  • Custom-printed boxes emblazoned with your corporate logo, a short description of contents, or with any other message you require

Our boxes can stand up to the roughest treatment and the most difficult shipping conditions to protect your products and ensure that they arrive at their destinations safely. Global Poly Solutions also produces drum and box liner bags to provide an added layer of protection for products on their way to market.

Comprehensive Shipping and Packaging Supplies

custom printed boxAt Global Poly Solutions, we specialize in providing our customers with the most complete lineup of supplies for industrial packaging and shipping. Our custom printed poly bags are an ideal way to achieve greater visibility for your company name and to reach potential customers at every step of your supply chain. Global Poly Solutions also provides strapping tape and Resealable bags in both plain and custom-printed varieties to provide even greater exposure for your brand and your products. We offer pallet wrapping supplies that include stretch film and shrink wrap to offer protection against moisture and to keep stacks of like items together during transportation. Our bubble wrap and foam peanut products are ideal ways to shield fragile items from damage without adding significant weight to your packaging. This can save money on your overall shipping costs for these products.

Top-Flight Customer Service Sets Us Apart

The customer service team at Global Poly Solutions has the experience and expertise your company needs to make the best use of your packaging and supply budget. We can help you boost your branding efforts while providing you with the best and most effective solutions for your needs, including top-quality industrial bags suitable for use in health care centers, hotels, and other large-scale facilities. Global Poly Solutions works with your company to help you find the most cost-effective ways to manage your plastic and poly packaging needs.

Contact Global Poly Solutions today to experience our outstanding customer service firsthand and to discuss your packaging and shipping supply needs with one of our expert staff members. We look forward to the opportunity to serve your company’s needs.