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Bubble Wrap - Packaging & Shipping Supplies

Lightweight Bubble Wrap and Packing Supplies from Global Poly Solutions

bubble mailerShielding your products against damage in transit is vital to maintaining your company’s bottom line. Global Poly Solutions can help with cost-effective products designed to provide added protection for your inventory in transit. Our bubble wrap products are ideal for packing and shipping fragile items safely and can even be used on pallets to ensure an extra layer of shielding for larger shipments. We carry Styrofoam peanuts and other foam products to cushion against impacts on the way to their destinations.

Lightweight and Cost-Effective Plastic Packaging

Bubble wrap and foam peanuts are cost-effective methods of protecting your products because they add minimal weight to the packaging of these items. Global Poly Solutions specializes in providing your company with practical bubble wrap, Styrofoam peanut, and foam products designed specifically to suit your packaging and storage needs. Our expert customer service staff can provide you with the right solutions for protecting fragile items and lowering the risk of damage during transport. Foam wraps are especially useful for items with delicate finishes and can provide a buffer zone between these products and other packaging materials.

Versatile Solutions for Industrial Use

foam packing rollAt Global Poly Solutions, we have built our reputation on providing durable poly bags for the industrial marketplace. We offer a wide range of polypropylene bags and wrap that include the following products:

  • Custom printed poly bags are ideal for building your corporate visibility, providing handy labels for smaller items and generally enhancing your company’s branding efforts.
  • Reclosable bags provide superior protection against moisture and create an air-tight seal that ensures optimal freshness for perishable items.
  • Our stretch film, cling film, and shrink wrap products can be used to secure packages to pallets or to provide an added layer of resistance to water and other spills.
  • We also offer a full line of bags suitable for use in hotels, medical facilities, and other areas in which waste must be managed with care.

The experts at Global Poly Solutions will be happy to work with your company to determine the best ways to manage your shipping and storage needs. Our full lineup of packaging supplies is designed to meet the needs of modern businesses. To that end, we work to offer the most cost-effective line of products for the industrial sector. We can provide expert guidance on how our products work together and on their own. This focus on responsive customer service allows us to deliver the shipping and packaging supplies you need at prices your company can afford.

Global Poly Solutions offers a comprehensive range of poly bags, boxes, strapping tape, and packing supplies. Contact us today to discuss our cost-effective solutions for your business needs or to place an order with one of our friendly and courteous customer service representatives. We look forward to the chance to work with you.