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Drum Liners - Industrial Use

Drum and Box Liners for Shipping and Waste Disposal from Global Poly Solutions

Box and drum liners offer a reliable layer of protection against moisture for products on the way to market. At Global Poly Solutions, we offer an extensive array of drum and box liners designed to fit your company’s shipping needs. Our poly bags can also be used as trash liners in hotels, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions to ensure safe disposal of discarded items in these environments. We can even create custom printed poly bags and liners designed to your precise specifications. The Global Poly Solutions team can provide you with the right products to manage all your shipping, packaging, and trash disposal needs.

Box and Drum Liners for Shipping

Global Poly Solutions offers an extensive selection of liner choices for shipping containers. We can provide corrugated boxes and liners to hold your products in a safe and moisture-resistant environment throughout your distribution process. Our drum and box liners are tough enough to stand up to the stresses of shipping with ease, allowing you to pack and transport your products with confidence. At Global Poly Solutions, we take the guesswork out of shipping even the most fragile items.

Managing Waste Disposal

The Global Poly Solutions team can also provide you with specialized products designed specifically for safe and effective waste disposal. We offer customized bags and warning labels to provide an added measure of protection for staff members and patrons of hotels, hospitals, and schools. Our drum and can liners are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations to provide the best possible containment for waste products and ensure a safer environment inside your facility or establishment.

An Extensive Array of Choices

Global Poly Solutions also offers a full range of other packaging supplies that include the following items:

  • Stretch film and shrink wrap products designed to provide a water-resistant barrier for items shipped on pallets or in groups
  • Reclosable and resealableĀ bags for true watertight protection
  • Strapping tape in plain and printed varieties
  • Foam peanuts and lightweight bubble wrap products
  • Heavy-duty corrugated boxes and paper packing materials

Our staff will work with you to determine the most effective solutions for your company’s needs. From 10-color printed bags and boxes to custom designed drum liners for your waste receptacles, we deliver the most comprehensive lineup of industrial products for shipping and storing materials safely.

At Global Poly Solutions, your satisfaction is our highest priority. Our professional customer service staff will work with you to deliver the most appropriate solutions for your shipping, storage, and waste disposal needs. We can even provide printed bags and boxes to promote your brand name and increase your visibility with current and prospective customers. Global Poly Solutions is committed to helping your company succeed with cost-effective products that provide real value for your core business activities. Contact us today to learn more about our lineup of practical products for your shipping needs.